the card game.

Let's hear both sides of the argument!

2 people debate a statement.

1 person for; 1 person against.

Regardless what they actually believe!​


Grab a pack to have some serious

fun while making a difference to

young men's mental health.



Father of two

My kids were both very eager to play. We had some laughs along the way whilst also taking the topics quite serious and putting a lot of thought into their arguments. Their words: "This is so fun!"


Father of 2

This was so much fun at the family BBQ! Conversations got heated but we couldn't stop laughing. Definitely recommend!


33 years old

The more adult topics are so fun! I know we all got to know each other a little better and had a good laugh. I love the fact that we sometimes have to argue the opposite of what we believe - it really makes you think!


23 years old

What does your purchase go toward?

Top Blokes Foundation is a young male health organisation that provides mentoring programs for boys and young men. Our programs are designed to improve their mental health, as well as normalise a definition of masculinity beyond "strong" and "stoic" to improve their relationships with their own identities and those around them.


Your purchase will help you have fun and connect with your family and friends, and you can sleep tight knowing you've made a difference. Purchase in time to play at Christmas dinner!

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